30 Seconds

AliasSeason 5

After the APO team discovers that Anna Espinosa uses a call center in India to route her calls with an encryption key, Sydney and Renee head to Jaipur to remove the key so they can intercept Anna’s calls.Posing as a perfume entrepreneur looking to use the call center, Sydney places a “free sample” by one of the desks that scans the Wi-Fi signal in the building. Working from the outside, Renee tells Sydney that the router that Anna uses is inside the building. Renee barges in as a robber and holds everyone up at gunpoint. Using the commotion to her advantage, Syd removes the encryption key from the main router.Sloane meets with Ehrman, his Prophet Five contact, in Barcelona. Sloane points out that the cure for Nadia may actually be fatal — she has to be dead for 30 seconds before the drug can be administered. Ehrman tells him to trust Rambaldi, who engineered the cure for Nadia’s condition. He gives Nadia the medication and she wakes up from her coma.When Anna’s line goes active, the APO team hears Kelly Peyton talking to a Moritz Koller, whom they locate in Zurich. Via satellite, they zoom in on his suitcase and find Page 47 of the Rambaldi manuscript. They later learn that he is an art historian who freelances for criminal organizations.Sloane tells Jack that he was forced to fund research to find Nadia’s cure. After Sloane departs, Jack asks Dixon to investigate Sloane’s recent activities and to focus on Barcelona.Jack and Dixon share their suspicions regarding Sloane’s with Syd. She reserves judgment until they find proof. Jack then grants Sloane a leave of absence. He also asks if Sloane knew about Anna and her contact with Prophet Five. Sloane denies any knowledge.Syd tells Nadia that she had never seen Sloane so devoted to anyone. Just then Syd receives a call from Jack, who says he’s tailing Sloane. Nadia joins Jack. They follow Sloane to a storage facility, where he retrieves Nadia’s clothes. Jack confirms that Sloane’s alibi -that he was researching cures in Barcelona – holds.Meanwhile, Tom and Renee contact Moritz. Renee lures him and they take him into custody. Moritz reveals that he’s to meet Anna the next day, and that his Page 47 is a fake. Syd advises them to continue the meet with Anna.In Sloane’s home, he opens the suitcase containing Nadia’s clothes. He lifts a panel and removes the original Page 47 of the Rambaldi manuscript. Sloane quickly hides the page underneath a mat on his desk when Nadia arrives. She expresses a desire to live with him.After a warm talk, Sloane makes dinner. Nadia wanders into Sloane’s office, where she accidentally finds Page 47. Hurt and horrified at the finding, she throws the page into the fireplace. Sloane lunges for the page, shoving Nadia onto a glass table. She dies when the shards pierce her neck.The APO team, joined by Renee, moves to ambush Anna in Ghana. A car arrives, but plows into a marketplace. They inspect the car, but Anna is nowhere to be found. Renee then consults with Syd – except it’s really Anna – who slits her throat.Sloane tells Ehrman that he’s betrayed his loved ones. He also points out that death is a necessary sacrifice in proving Rambaldi’s prophecy. As the chosen one, Sloane assures Ehrman that he has selected the road to follow. Ehrman welcomes him into Prophet Five.


First Aired On:
May 03rd, 2006
Alison Schapker, Monica Breen
Frederick E.O. Toye


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