All the Time in the World

AliasSeason 5

Vaughn finds an unconscious Sydney and administers CPR. In a flashback, Sydney recalls the time when Jack told her that her mother has died and he asks her to be strong. Syd wakes up.Peyton tells Sloane that she was able to make contact with their ally in Hong Kong, and reveals Rambaldi’s Sphere of Life -they have a deal. When Sark asks if they want to go through with this global genocide, Sloane confirms as they look on nuclear missiles.In the safety of a hotel in Sienna, Sydney remembers her childhood where she assembled building blocks she found lying around. Not realizing that this was part of Project Christmas – meant to test people’s aptitude for being operatives, Sydney shows her father what she had done. Jack tells her she is a special girl.Later Sydney reads a report where two missiles were stolen, and assumes Sloane’s involvement. Syd concludes that if Sloane had killed all Prophet Five members, he must have all their assets, and would have bought these missiles from someone. Marshal then hacks into the Russian bank network and looks into the phone records. Via satellite, they were able to locate Peyton.Vaughn, Dixon and Sydney interrogate Peyton, where she reveals that she does not know where the missiles are stored now but she knows that Sloane is targeting two cities with high civilian concentrations. Jack remarks that Sloane is not interested in devastation -he wants to profit from the reconstruction. Sydney also finds out that Sloane is in Mongolia.As Syd was getting ready to fly to Mongolia, Rachel reports that she and Marshall are trying to hack into optical satellites to locate the missiles. They later realize that Sloane had hacked into the network with information uploaded from a contact in Hong Kong. With Dixon interrogating, Peyton reveals who their contact is.Sloane and Sark go inside the cave in Mongolia. Later, Sloane says that the next step is for him alone to do. Sloane journeys down to a chamber that turns out to be Rambaldi’s burial place-and filled with awe, he takes the sphere and puts it on top of Rambaldi’s tomb. The Sphere of Life glows and activates Rambaldi’s Mueller device with the red hovering ball.Vaughn, Syd and Jack infiltrate the camp set up outside of Rambaldi’s tomb. Syd sneaks into the underground chamber and holds Sloane at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Vaughn and Jack get surrounded by Sark and his men. Syd grabs the Rambaldi sphere and the liquid from the hovering ball drops to the ground. When she was about to destroy it, Sark arrives holding Vaughn and Jack at hostage.Now having Syd at gunpoint, Sloane urges her to give the sphere back. Sloane turns around and shoots Jack. Syd drops the sphere to go over to Jack and Vaughn takes this opportunity to hit the guards and fight with his captors. Syd shoots Sloane several times and Sloane falls into a pool of liquid that came from Rambaldi’s device. He dies and Sark picks up the sphere.


First Aired On:
May 22nd, 2006
Drew Goddard, Jeff Pinkner
Tucker Gates


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