I See Dead People

AliasSeason 5

At the APO office, Marshall reports to Jack that a microchip found in Renee Rienne’s body contains encrypted data with an incomplete algorithm. He discovers that “Andre Micheaux” is etched on the microchip. Unbeknownst to them, their conversation is being recorded.Jack and Sydney conclude that Vaughn might have info about the chip since Renee and Vaughn’s father had known each other. They agree that Vaughn must be contacted..In Zurich, Peyton tells Sloane that Sydney is heading to Nepal to meet someone regarding the chip. When Sloane advises that Prophet Five send someone to intercept, Peyton introduces Anna – now Sydney’s doppleganger. Sloane briefs her but comments that she’s hardly Sydney and reminds her that she’s dispensable. As Anna leaves, Sloane has a vision of Nadia, who tells him that he’s just as dispensable.At APO, Tom decodes a message hidden in a magazine. Rachel, feeling insecure, interrupts him. Tom assures her that she’s a good agent.Anna arrives in Nepal and deceives an escort expecting to meet Sydney. He tells her that Vaughn is excited to see her and his hideout is just a few minutes away. She kills him and gives his distinctive scarf to an accomplice.Marshall discovers that the whole APO office is bugged. He meets Jack at a parking lot and shares the news that Sloane have placed the office on passive surveillance. They conclude that Sloane must have installed a backdoor access to APO’s security system before his rights had been revoked.Sydney arrives at the airport and is picked up by Anna’s accomplice. Jack phones and informs her of the security breach and the possible intercept. When the impostor suggests that they help a stranded stranger, Sydney elbows him and tries to grab the wheel. The stranger fires gunshots at them and the jeep veers off the road and into a ravine.Trapped under the jeep, Sydney watches as Anna takes the chip from her backpack. Anna says she’s going to pay Vaughn a visit and sets the jeep on fire. Sydney escapes in time.


First Aired On:
May 10th, 2006
Andi Bushell, J.R. Orci
Jamie Babbit


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