No Hard Feelings

AliasSeason 5

Jack tells Dixon that Syd, posing as Anna to infiltrate Prophet Five, has put a tracker on the chip that she’s delivering to Peyton. He tasks Vaughn, who is still in Hamburg, to transfer the Prophet Five documentation.Syd hands the chip over and remarks that her superiors must be happy. Peyton replies it’s an inconvenience and throws it in the wine glass. Having lost track of Syd, Marshall locates her via satellite. Vaughn follows Syd to the airport and secretly hands her a cell phone with a new tracker.In Zurich, Sloane tells Prophet Five that he’s finished translating Page 47. He says that “the circle’ will be completed once the chosen one takes a rose from the San Cielo monastery in Italy. He also points out that their plan might not succeed because Anna is only posing as Sydney. Just then, Syd arrives as Anna and meets Sloane. She tells Sloane that she had killed Sydney Bristow. Sloane in turn tells her that she has to retrieve an artifact.Marshall tells Rachel that he flagged a message from Korman, the man who supposedly killed Tom’s wife. When Rachel says Tom softened after seeing Korman’s family, Marshal notes that Korman has no family. Rachel asks for 24 hours to investigate before Marshal notifies Jack.Dixon arrives in Hamburg and asks Vaughn how he faked his death. Vaughn explains that Prophet Five wanted him dead, so Jack arranged to inject him with sodium morphate, putting him in a coma until he was administered the antidote. As Dixon hands him a photo of Isabelle, Jack calls and asks them to be Sydney’s back up in Italy.In Italy, Sydney discreetly chats with Vaughn at a newspaper stand. Vaughn tells her that there is no record of a monastery, so Syd asks them to stand by until she meets her contact. Sydney sees Sark in a betting parlor.Rachel, in her car, sees Tom and Korman talk. When Korman leaves, Rachel approaches Tom and demands an explanation. Tom confesses that Korman, acting on orders from “The Cardinal,” killed his wife. Korman asked Tom to retrieve his CIA-impounded car in return for information. Rachel hacks into the Federal database and locates the car. Tom delivers it to Korman.


First Aired On:
May 22nd, 2006
Sam Humphrey
Tucker Gates


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