Under the Night (1)

AndromedaSeason 1

It’s the start of the war between the Systems Commonwealth and the Nietzschean fleets. Captain Dylan Hunt and his ship the Andromeda Ascendant try to flee the first Nietzschean attack to warn the Commonwealth. In his attempt to escape, the Andromeda and Captain Hunt are caught in the event horizon of a black hole and frozen in time for 300 years.
The crew of the Eureka Maru with Captain Beka Valentine try to salvage the Andromeda to sell for a Nightsider’s ransom. After the Andromeda is pulled free, Hunt is unfrozen and forced to defend his ship against the salvagers and the Nietzschean mercenaries lead by Tyr Anasazi.


First Aired On:
Oct 02nd, 2000
Guest Stars
Elizabeth Thai, Emy Aneke, Gavin Bohr, John Tench, Johnny Mah, M. Yvonne Meyers, Steve Bacic
Robert Hewit Wolfe
Allan Kroeker


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