The Dark Backward

AndromedaSeason 3

The episode opens with Beka, dead on the floor of Command. She has a hole in her chest. Harper’s body is propped against a machine, being electrocuted. Tyr lies on the floor of a deck, also dead. Dylan is leaning against some bars, bleeding. In Slipstream Control, Rommie is picked up by a large stranger in black armor, and thrown down to the Core. The stranger activates an overload, and the Andromeda splits in two, then explodes. Trance, in a mysterious blue space, watches in horror. She is with one of her Bonzai trees. ““Okay, that did not work.”“ she says, ““Let’s try again.”“


First Aired On:
Feb 03rd, 2003
Guest Stars
Mike Roselli
Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz
Michael Robison


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