Season 4 DVD Extras Malice In Wonderland: Wolfram & Hart


Always a big player in evil we come to what will be the catalyst for the remainder of Angel’s run, “Wolfram & Hart, from the very start my thought was, ‘Don’t give him a nemesis, give him a group of nemeses,’” explains Joss, “This is an important thing for a hero story, that the bad guys are legion and the hero is few.” Fury explains the differences between the big city of Los Angeles vs. small town Sunnydale, “The evil’s more insidious; it puts on fancy clothes and talks in big words.” Steve DeKnight and Stephanie recount Lilah involvement. “I’m the only female W&H lawyer, all the men kept dying which is like genius,” Stephanie laughs, “I’m really not bad I’m just written that way.” We visit the various players, the moral grey areas for the characters, humanizing their characters, and the relationship between Wesley and Lilah which Alexis comments on. Jeff talks about telling Stephanie that Lilah was going to die. “But that doesn’t mean that you’re gone because this is a Joss show and so since she’s been dead we’ve had her back,” offers Jeff. “Having lost the battle and not necessary the war is where W&H is at,” says Stephanie, “it could still have the possibility of challenging the good guys with a little bit of bad.”


First Aired On:
Dec 31st, 1969


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