The Prodigal

AngelSeason 1

Angel has a memory of an altercation between him and his father in 1753, but his mind quickly returns to the present when he kills a demon who escaped from a moving subway train. When Kate enters on the scene, he tells her to cover up the truth to her fellow officers. Though she is disturbed by the demon factor, she becomes distracted after seeing her father enter the station. Later that morning, Wesley identifies the deceased demon as a Kwaini species and remarks it is atypical for this type of demon to be violent. They deduce the demon had an incentive to attack one of the passengers. Angel then tries to obtain a list of passengers from Kate, but she’s unwilling to give it to him.
Despite this, he manages to locate the passenger in question and follows him on one of his deliveries: to Mr. Lockley’s apartment. When Angel confronts Mr. Lockley, he denies any involvement. Angel, reminded of his painful past with his father, has another memory from his past: he meets Darla and is sired.


First Aired On:
Feb 22nd, 2000
Guest Stars
Bob Fimlani, Christina Hendricks, Christina Mendricks, Eliza Szonert, Frank Potter, Glenda Maorgan Brown, Henri Lubatti, John Mahon, John Maynard, John Patrick Clerkin, Mark Ginther, Mike Vendrell
Tim Minear
Bruce Seth Green


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