Habeas Corpses

AngelSeason 4

When Angel realizes that there may be some connection between Connor and the Beast, he learns that Connor is trapped within Wolfram & Hart where the building is under lock-down and the Beast is on a brutal killing spree. Angel, Wesley, Gunn and Fred break into the building, only to be encountered by zombies of dead lawyers. After finding Connor, the gang try to escape in an elevator. They are taken to the very top floor, ‘The White Room’.
They see The Beast standing in front of the little girl in the red dress, she tells the gang that ‘the answer is among them’. The Beast destroys her and the gang are magically transported to the hotel. After arriving back, Angel angrily reveals to Cordelia that he knows about her and Connor.


First Aired On:
Jan 15th, 2003
Guest Stars
Kay Panabaker
Jeffrey Bell
Skip Schoolnik


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