AngelSeason 4

Angelus is feeding on Faith when suddenly he faints. Faith had earlier injected a drug into her blood, making it very lethal. Faith is very near death. She is brought back to the hotel along with a now captured Angelus, who is locked in his cage. Faith is in a coma state, and Angelus is unconscious. The gang are watching over Faith, while keeping an eye on Angelus.
We are taken into Angelus’ mind, where he and Faith are watching Angel perform good deeds. Willow arrives at the hotel, ready to restore Angel’s soul. She performs a spell which requires concentration, Cordelia is countering the spell from her room, but Willow overpowers her and the soul is set free. Everyone is still clueless about Cordelia, including Willow.
After being released, Angel is now able to commune with Faith and Angelus in the dream. He and Faith take on Angelus together, but Faith gets badly beaten. She is close to giving up, when Angel gives her some pep talk. As we are taken back to reality, we can see Faith running downstairs preventing Conor from dusting the freshly reensouled Angel.


First Aired On:
Mar 19th, 2003
Guest Stars
Adrienne Wilkinson, Alyson Hannigan, E.J. Callahan, Jeremy Guskin, Nate Dushku, Peter Renaday
Mere Smith
Terrence O'Hara


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