Peace Out

AngelSeason 4

While Lorne, Wesley, Fred and Gunn are being held captive in the hotel basement, Angel finds himself in Jasmine’s previous dimension. There he encounters a High Priest and a giant demon, who can reveal Jasmine for who she really is. However, Angel must kill the priest and behead the demon in order to bring the head back to Los Angeles.
Meanwhile, Jasmine is preparing for a giant broadcast to the world, where she will declare peace. She refuses to tell Connor where Cordelia is and orders him to guard Angel’s crew. Instead, he sneaks off to a nearby church and finds Cordelia lying unconcious.
When Angel arrives back in Los Angeles, he brings out the head and Jasmine becomes her true self. Most of her followers and Angel try to kill her, but it is Connor who finally ends her existence, allowing a lot of pain to be released back into the world. The Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart like what they see and send Lilah to plan a meeting with Angel Investigations.


First Aired On:
Apr 30th, 2003
Guest Stars
Angelica Castro, Audrey Kearns, Blair Hickey, Bob Pescovitz, Bonita Friedericy, Brian Bradley, Eliza Pryor Nagel, Gerry Katzman, Gina Torres, Jeff Bass, Jeff Scott Bass, Kimble Jemison, Kristin Richardson, Kyle Ingleman, Robert Towers
David Fury
Jefferson Kibbee


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