AngelSeason 4

Wesley takes Faith to his appartment, where she has a shower and cleans herself up. Wesley wants Faith to be more powerful and tries to make her angry by calling her a ‘rabid dog’, but she doesn’t enjoy the violence as much as she used to. Angelus visits a bar where he discovers that other demons and vampires are not happy about the sun returning to Los Angeles, so he has become very unpopular. He hears a voice of the Beast’s master, it keeps pestering him about it’s plans for him and informs him that it has his soul. At the same time Cordelia is in bed talking in secret to Angelus. Connor walks in and she stops, but reminds Connor to keep their child a secret. Angelus later enters the hotel looking for a book. He is immune to Lorne’s recent sanctuary spell, because of an amulet that he is holding. Fred notices that the amulet is fake and hits him. Angelus grabs Wesley and threatens to kill him, but then he just exits the hotel.
Faith and Wesley later visit a bar where Angelus was last seen and pumble a demon for information. They find a girl in the back full of drugs. Wesley torturtes her and she reveals that Angel was indeed there, talking to the mysterious master. They track down Angel only to find him already waiting for them. After a vicious fight Faith is beaten and Angel feeds of her…


First Aired On:
Mar 12th, 2003
Guest Stars
Andrew MgGinnis, Becka Linder, Catalina Larranaga, Chris Huse, Christopher Neiman, Darren Laverty, Ian Anthony Dale, Paul Tigue, Peter Renaday, Randall Rapstine, Sam Stefanski
Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Steven S. DeKnight
James A. Contner


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