AngelSeason 4

With Angel’s soul locked away in a safe, the gang begin interrogation. Angelus has the gang arguing after he reveals the truth behind their recent actions.
Cordelia makes a deal with Angelus, providing he can give the gang the information they need. He agrees and tells them that in 1789, The Beast needed his help while trying to kill a group of Nordic Svea Priestesses. Angelus declined to help and the Svears successfully banished The Beast fom Earth. Angelus reveals the Svears’ current location, but when the gang find them, they are dead.
The gang decide that they have enough information from Angelus and prepare to restore his soul, but there is just one problem…. the safe is empty.


First Aired On:
Feb 05th, 2003
Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain
Sean Astin


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