Lines in the Sand

BaywatchSeason 10

A diver bursts from the water in a panic: his girlfriend has gotten caught in a gill net. Jason and Sean immediately dive down and try to cut the girl free, but the net is very strong. The two lifeguards swim to the surface to get another breath of air. The girl’s air hose gets stuck in the thin netting and is cut. Sean grabs a couple of bottles of spare air. Jason works frantically to cut her free, slashing up his own hands on the thin net. Finally, she is out and safe. The two swim towards their jet skis.
Sean and Jason are at Matsumoto’s waiting in line to buy a shave ice. Sean warns Jason to lose the cowboy hat-at least while on duty. As they wait in line, Sean explains the unique Hawaiian treat to Jason, who remains bemused that so much fuss is being made over a ““snow cone.”“ While Jason goes off for a moment, Sean buys two cones. As he tastes it, he is so overcome with the flavor that he inadvertently spills his cone on Jenna Avid, a pretty woman wearing a halter top. He tries to


First Aired On:
Jan 31st, 2000
Guest Stars
Theresa San-Nicholas, Vincent Klyn
Gregory J. Bonann


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