If Looks Could Kill

BaywatchSeason 2

Allison Fowles, a beautiful seductive woman murders a man named Steve by handcuffing him to the bottom rung of a ladder in a pool. The next day, she leaves the house with a suitcase full of money and a dead Steve in the backseat. While on the road, she is spotted by Drew her ex-partner, who starts chasing her. Allison loses control over her car and ends up driving off the edge off a cliff. Mitch and Eddie are in the scarab and head for the rescue immediately after the car has hit the water. Allison is rescued by Mitch but Steve can not be resuscitated.
Unfortunately for Allison, the money can’t be brought back up until the next day. Therefore she seduces Mitch and without him knowing it, she wants him to protect her from Drew. Mitch and Allison share a very passionate evening together. During the night, Drew breaks into the house. Mitch starts fighting with him but loses. Just when Drew is about to shoot Mitch, Allison shoots Drew instead. He dies immediately. Allison tells Mitch that


First Aired On:
Nov 25th, 1991
Guest Stars
John Terrence, Ken Swofford, Matt McColm, Shannon Tweed
Michael Berk
Douglas Schwartz


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