BaywatchSeason 2

A calm day on the beach turns into chaos, when a two-ton bull starts chasing the people on the beach. Mitch is able to capture the bull with a lasso. When he returns the bull to its rightful owner, he finds out that the bull is the West Palisades High School mascot. The bull has been brought to the beach for the 20-year reunion of the class of 1972.
Mitch is also invited to this party, but he doesn’t want to go. He doesn’t want to tell everyone about his and Gayle’s divorce. But Gayle who has traveled to L.A. from Ohio convinces him to go to the reunion with her. At the reunion, they meet some old friends again, including Larry Veron, a bully who makes a move on Gayle. Mitch saves her and Veron leaves for the beach.
When Mitch is singing ““Do You Love Me”“, two nerds, Max and Howie, bury Veron up to his neck in sand. But they can’t take him out of there, when the tide starts coming in. Mitch and Gayle who are walking down the beach, hear Max and Howie’s cries for help and help them to re


First Aired On:
Jan 27th, 1992
Guest Stars
Billy Vera, Caitlin Dulany, Kevin Brief, Michael Lanning, Patrice Leal, Tim Rossovich, Tom Villard, Tracy Arnold, Trish Garland
Jill Donner, Michael Berk
Gus Trikonis


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