The Chamber

BaywatchSeason 2

After receiving a letter from Craig about a great job with some sacrifices, Mitch goes out paddling to think it over. He comes across a boy named Cooper, whose father Hal is trapped 90 feet below the ocean, underneath a sunken wreck. Hal only has fifteen minutes of air left. Mitch calls it in and Shauni tells him that the Coast Guard along with Eddie and Newmie are on their way.
But after waiting impatiently for 10 minutes, Mitch decides to go down without any scuba gear. It’s a tremendous struggle but Mitch manages to get Hal to the surface. Inside the Coast Guard helicopter, both men are flown to Catalina Island, where there are two decompression chambers.
However, when they arrive, they discover that only one chamber is functional. Mitch insists that Hal will be placed in the functional decompression chamber. In order to save Mitch’s life, they have to fly him to Baywatch headquarters. But the delay can be fatal. While in the chamber, Mitch starts having flashbacks and an out-of-bod


First Aired On:
Mar 02nd, 1992
Guest Stars
Kevin Page, Will Estes
Alan Swyer, Gregg Segal
Gregory J. Bonann


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