War of Nerves

BaywatchSeason 2

The episode start with Mitch, Newmie and Heinz rescuing a man that is trapped under a big rock with his leg. Mitch is being terrorised by a drug lord named Mason Sato, whom he helped imprison five years ago. Sato is now a free man and follows Mitch around everywhere he goes. At first, Mitch endures the intimidation, but when Sato goes surfing with Hobie, Mitch punches Sato and finds himself up on assault charges.
Sato uses the opportunity to kidnap Kaye and Hobie. He takes them to an abandoned warehouse down in the marina. When Mitch comes home and finds Sato’s note, he goes to the warehouse. When Mitch shows up, Sato launches an attack using a dangerous Samurai sword. But when the fight moves into the water, Mitch gets the upper hand and knocks out Sato. When Garner arrives, he escorts Sato to prison for the second time.
Meanwhile, Shauni who has started spending more and more time together with Eddie, asks Ben to teach her how to surf. He agrees to do that and gets flashbacks back to


First Aired On:
Feb 03rd, 1992
Guest Stars
Bobbie Phillips, Buzz Belmondo, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Jill Pierce, Kelly Packard, Peter Kent
Deborah Schwartz, Douglas Schwartz
Douglas Schwartz


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