Pier Pressure

BaywatchSeason 3

Slade is surfing under a pier and everybody adores him for it. Hobie who likes a girl named Heather tries to imitate Slade just so that he can impress her but Hobie’s friend Landon tries to talk him out of it. But Hobie goes surfing anyway and falls under the pier. Mitch has to rescue him with Summer’s help. When the rescue is completed, Summer’s truck starts rolling down the beach and Mitch has to rescue a woman and gets a slap in the face as a thank you. Summer apologizes to Mitch and it turns out that she forgot the parking brake just because Slade was there.
Slade invites her to the surfing competition he is going to compete in. Summer tells Jackie she has a date with Slade. After the competition that Slade wins, Summer meets Courtney Bremmer and Tiara English from Malibu Beach High School. She makes a fool of herself when she tells them that she has a date with Slade, when he has a date with another girl, and Summer gets real upset.
Later she meets Courtney and Tiara on the beach.


First Aired On:
Oct 12th, 1992
Guest Stars
Barry O'Neill, Elizabeth Berkley, Jason Marsden, Joe Quarles, Juliet Sorcey, Mike Simmrin, Tiara English
Deborah Bonann Schwartz, Douglas Schwartz
Gus Trikonis


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