River of No Return (1)

BaywatchSeason 3

The episode starts with an old man on a river trying to get away from two bad guys. But the bad guys, Lonny and Drew, kills him and he ends up in Devil’s Mouth. The old man turns out to be Mitch’s eccentric uncle Alex. Mitch, Hobie, Eddie and Shauni go to his home in the mountains. Eddie and Shauni are having problems with their relationship. Eddie is going to spend a year in Australia and Shauni is convinced that it will jeopardize their relationship.
Later Mitch finds out from the Sheriff that his uncle may have found the golden boot. Two villains named Lonny and Drew believes that too, but Mitch doubts it. Alex left something for Mitch in their secret hiding place, but Mitch doesn’t remember where the hiding place is located. During their first evening in the mountains, Mitch and Hobie decide to camp outside Alex’s house while Eddie and Shauni checks into a motel. Eddie feels romantic but Shauni who thinks she’s pregnant due to a late period,doesn’t feel romantic.
The next day, Mitc


First Aired On:
Sep 14th, 1992
Guest Stars
Bill McKinney, Brooke Langton, Geoffrey Scott, Jim Ishida, Michael John Meyer, Mickey Jones, Race Nelson
Douglas Schwartz, Michael Berk
Douglas Schwartz


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