River of No Return (2)

BaywatchSeason 3

Drew starts shooting at the raft and the gang take cover behind some cliffs. Then Lonny appears on some cliffs with Shauni. Drew tells them to bring Hobie to him. But instead C.J. goes with Mitch and Eddie behind the raft. Hobie is still behind the cliffs holding up Mitch’s helmet. Mitch swims towards the cliffs and climbs up to Lonny and Shauni. Mitch beats Lonny, but he manages to pull Shauni down the cliffs first. Eddie sees this just when he has beaten Drew. The gang then manages to escape from the bad guys.
When things have calmed down, Eddie asks Shauni to marry him. Shauni gets upset and tells him that she’s not pregnant. But Eddie wants to marry her anyway. They continue their treasure hunt and finally manages to find a cave that looks like Wilma’s table from the Flintstones. Mitch climbs down with the help of a rope and he finds the golden boot. When Eddie has pulled up the golden boot, Lonny and Drew come back again. They close the cave and Mitch is trapped inside. But the ga


First Aired On:
Sep 21st, 1992
Guest Stars
Bill McKinney, Brooke Langton, Geoffrey Scott, Jim Ishida, Mickey Jones, Race Nelson
Douglas Schwartz, Michael Berk
Douglas Schwartz


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