Shattered (Part 2)

BaywatchSeason 3

Mitch goes through a tough rehabilitation program. One day when Hobie comes to visit, he wants Mitch to move a can but Mitch can’t do it and yells at Hobie. Hobie storms out of the room crying, and Mitch is forced to go after him. Hobie forgives Mitch for yelling at him and they join some other wheel-chair bound guys in a friendly game of basketball.
Meanwhile, Summer wants to switch towers with Matt so that she can be closer to Slade. When Stephanie finds out about this, she gets real upset because she really misses Mitch, and can’t stand the fact that Summer is thinking of a thing like this when Mitch is going through a tough rehabilitation program. Then Summer apologizes to her and C.J. has a flashback back to ““4.3 Tequila Bay”“ when Mitch requested back-up from all available units in order to rescue a paper-bag.
Later Riddick go to the rehab center in order to kill Jason. He meets the gang at the elevator and he tells them that he is just a visiting doctor. Then when Mitch is talkin


First Aired On:
Apr 26th, 1993
Guest Stars
DeJuan Guy, Kiki Shepard, Matt McColm, Mike Scriba, Robert Pine, Susan Savage
Deborah Bonann Schwartz
Douglas Schwartz


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