Vacation (2)

BaywatchSeason 3

Stephanie and Mitch are in the water the whole night struggling to stay afloat. In the morning,‘Mitch sees a bird and hopes that an island is nearby and fortunately for them, they are lucky and find an island. Then they see a shark in the water. But Mitch kicks the shark and it swims away. When the shark has disappeared, Mitch swims Stephanie to shore.
Meanwhile back at the boat, Matt and C.J. win big in the casino. Later in Matt’s cabin, C.J. confesses to him that when she grew up in Las Vegas, her grandfather taught her how to play black jack and she ended up with gambling problems. When Matt falls asleep, C.J. goes back to the casino and loses all her money and an extra $ 5 000 and when Matt finds out about this, he lends her the extra money she need.
Meanwhile Summer is looking for Mitch and gets worried when she can’t find him. When Guido finds Mitch’s jacket on the deck, they all get worried. They tell Captain Angstrom about it and he immediately turns the ship around. One of the


First Aired On:
Feb 01st, 1993
Guest Stars
Daphne Cheung, Diana Bellamy, Erik Holland, Heinz Altieri, Michael-Anne Poston, Rene Assa, Stefanos Miltsakakis
David Braff
Gus Trikonis


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