Mirror, Mirror

BaywatchSeason 4

When a woman named Gwen arrives at Mitch’s tower, he hardly notices her. But Gwen spends her afternoon at his tower and makes an awkward conversation. She tells Mitch that she and her sister is visiting the beach in their trailer. When Mitch doesn’t pay any attention to her anymore because he finds two beautiful girls more fun to be with it, Gwen decides to leave. When Mitch is about to close his tower, Mattie, Gwen’s sister arrives. Mitch starts to like Mattie and accepts her invitation to dinner the next night in their trailer without knowing her secret. It turns out that Gwen and Mattie is actually the same person.
Before Mitch arrives, Mattie put some pills in Mitch’s wine. When Mitch arrives, Mattie tells him that Gwen couldn’t join them. When Mitch has had some wine, he passes out on the couch. When Mitch awakens, he finds himself chained to the wall of a basement that is rapidly flooding with water. Suddenly he hears Gwen’s voice from upstairs and screams her name. But only Matt


First Aired On:
Feb 14th, 1994
Guest Stars
Buckley Norris, Carrie-Anne Moss, Darcy Darnell, Lisa Boyle
Deborah Bonann Schwartz
Douglas Schwartz


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