Race Against Time (2)

BaywatchSeason 4

Hobie, Gayle and Ken are trapped inside the plane. Ken finds the pilot Elaine, but she is dead. Inside the rapidly flooding compartment, Hobie courageously works to free Gayle, who is unconscious and pinned under her seat. Hobie can’t pry his mother loose and asks Ken to help him. But Ken panics and tries unsuccessfully to escape the cabin by himself, using up valuable oxygen in the process.
Meanwhile, Mitch and the other lifeguards cut a hole in the fuselage with an underwater arc welder and bring Hobie, Gayle and Ken to safety. But Gayle stops breathing and Mitch and C.J. work feverishly to save her.
Later at the hospital, Hobie tells Mitch about how Ken acted in the plane. Mitch gets upset and lets Ken know about this. Then Ken tells Mitch that he isn’t a hero, but not a chicken either. But he is in love with Gayle very much and promises Mitch to take good care of her.
Meanwhile, Matt’s father takes back Matt’s motorcycle and then Matt decides to stay in Los Angeles. He can live wit


First Aired On:
Sep 20th, 1993
Guest Stars
Jim McMullan, Sam J. Jones
Deborah Bonann Schwartz, Michael Berk
Gregory J. Bonann


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