Second Time Around

BaywatchSeason 4

During the filming of a commercial out at sea, a woman falls of her jet ski and Matt has to rescue her. The woman turns out to be Jessie, the biker Matt met a year earlier (Episode 51: ““Point Doom”“). Mitch wants a lifeguard to be present during the filming and Matt is selected to go. Summer immediately becomes jealous because she knows about Matt and Jessie’s previous meeting.
The producer Victor has been harassing Jessie ever since they broke up a couple of weeks earlier. Therefore she convinces Matt to act as her fiance in order to get rid of Victor. When Summer sees them kissing passionately in the marina, Matt finds himself going through a hard time trying to convince Summer that they are only acting.
The same night, Jessie arrives to Matt’s apartment. She asks him if she can spend the night there, because Victor has been following her the whole evening. The next morning, Matt goes out on his bike. When he is riding his bike in the mountains, a man on a motorcycle arrives and pushe


First Aired On:
Jan 17th, 1994
Guest Stars
Drew Pillsbury, Jennifer Lynn Campbell, Ransom Walrod
Garner Simmons
Lyndon Chubbuck


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