The Child Inside

BaywatchSeason 4

The episode starts with Stephanie and Barnett rescuing a diver in trouble. Baywatch hosts the Special Olympics for the first time. The Olympics is held by Mitch’s old friend and elite gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who won 5 gold medals in the 1984 Olympics. She asks Mitch to take care of a troubled kid named Darnel while Stephanie to take care of a girl named Sammy. Darnel’s father abandoned him when he was a little kid, and Mary Lou has managed to track him down.
During a race, Darnel pushes his opponent in order to win and the coach for that team wants Darnel disqualified. But Mitch talks to Darnel and Mary Lou talks to the other boy’s coach and they agree to let him stay in the Olympics if Darnel improves his sportsmanship.
Meanwhile, Stephanie befriends Sammy who wants to be a gymnast. But she doesn’t think that she’s good enough. However Stephanie teaches her to believe in herself and during the final race Mr. Shepard shows up to watch his son compete.
During the race, Sammy falls and


First Aired On:
Nov 22nd, 1993
Guest Stars
Andrea Fay Friedman, Catero Colbert, Dick Anderson, Marques Johnson, Mary Lou Retton, Nan Martin
Deborah Bonann Schwartz
Douglas Schwartz


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