The Falcon Manifesto

BaywatchSeason 4

An investigative reporter named Catherine Larsen is working on a story she has named ““The Falcon Manifesto”“. The story details the sale of U.S. military technology to foreign governments by Edward Falcon. Because of her story, Falcon has put a contract on her life and the NBI wants to put her into their protective custody. But Catherine trusts no one and heads of to Catalina where she hides the manifesto in an old sofa.
While in Catalina, she takes a fishing trip on a boat. When the boat hits a dumpster that is floating in the ocean, the boat is in danger of sinking and Mitch, Summer and Matt in the scarab are the first ones who arrive to the scene. At the boat, Mitch finds Catherine bravely working in the ship’s hold trying to patch the hole with something. Together with Mitch she manages to patch the hole using Mitch’s wetsuit. While filling in the incident report, Catherine tells Mitch her name is Kate McCoy because she is not willing to tell him her real name. She also accepts Mitc


First Aired On:
Feb 21st, 1994
Guest Stars
Bart Braverman, Christopher Pennock, Dale Swann, Jacqueline Collen, James Horan
Michele Berk, Susan Hamilton Brin
Chuck Braverman


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