Face of Fear

BaywatchSeason 6

One of Hobie’s friends almost die while he surfs at a place known as ““The Shredder”“. Mitch gets real shaken up about the incident and tells Hobie that he could have been the one who almost drowned. Mitch closes down that section of the beach to keep anyone else from being killed there. But Mitch’s signs doesn’t stop Hobie’s friend Isaac from going there to surf. He thinks he will get his father’s attention by doing so. Hobie tells Mitch about it and he and Stephanie are able to rescue Isaac before he injures himself badly. When Mitch tells Isaac’s dad about it, he gets upset and tells Mitch to mind his own business and then he leaves headquarters.
The next day when Mr. Klein calls Mitch and Hobie and asks to speak with Isaac, Mitch figures out that something is wrong. Isaac didn’t spend the night in their home. Mitch asks Mr. Klein to meet him at ““The Shredder”“. When Mitch arrives, he is able to rescue Isaac just in time. After this incident, Isaac and his parents start with therapy to


First Aired On:
Nov 06th, 1995
Guest Stars
Deborah Schwartz, J.C. Anderson, Jason Dohring, John D'Aquino, Kent Desormeaux, Nicole Collins, Pamela Borne-Etem, Sonia Desormeaux
Deborah Schwartz
Douglas Schwartz


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