Bachelor of the Month

BaywatchSeason 7

Stephanie and Tom are planning a small and simple wedding. However, Caroline is convinced that a big wedding is the best thing to have. Tom tells Stephanie to tell Caroline how they feel, but Stephanie is afraid to hurt Caroline’s feelings. She is still vulnerable after breaking off her engagement to Logan.
In order to keep the wedding small, Stephanie and Tom decide to get married on the beach the same day. They have a small wedding on the beach and afterwards Stephanie throws her wedding bouquet, with Caroline catching it. Logan still loves Caroline, but they decide just to be friends.
Meanwhile, a young editor from the Flash Magazine named Molly McCoy, approaches Mitch and tells him that he has been nominated to be the Flash Bachelor of the Month. It turns out that C.J. has nominated him. Meanwhile, a great Portuguese-Man-of-War is terrorizing the beach.
When Molly doesn’t get the video she wants for the Internet, she fakes a drowning. But then the Portuguese-Man-of-War comes and Mi


First Aired On:
Feb 03rd, 1997
Guest Stars
Alexandra Paul, Ashley Cusato, Courtney Wilk, Craig Hauer, Jaason Simmons, Kansas Long, Madison Mason, Sarah Buxton
David Braff
Reza Badiyi


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