Lifeguard Confidential

BaywatchSeason 8

The episode starts with a man named ““Riptide”“ Roger Peltyn flying over the beach with his helicopter. He keeps bothering the lifeguards. He tells everyone about the fantasies he has about Donna, he calls J.D. the ““Daytona pier killer”“ and he bothers Newmie during his workout. Lt. Taylor Walsh watches everything on TV and gets upset. She storms out of headquarters and tries to force him to leave by waving her arms. Mitch sees this from the TV in the weight room and runs out to stop her. He knows that this is exactly what ““Riptide”“ wants. Taylor tells Mitch that ““Riptide”“ must have a spy at Baywatch. Otherwise he can’t possibly know so much about the lifeguards.
J.D. has no place to stay at and Cody tells him that he can stay with her and Caroline for a while. He plans on sleeping in Stephanie’s old bedroom but Cody tells him that no one is allowed to sleep there. So he ends up in Caroline’s bed since she is away to New York. She is auditioning for a part in the TV-series ““Shannon’s Hope


First Aired On:
Oct 27th, 1997
Guest Stars
Amy Miller, Shadoe Stevens


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