Next Generation

BaywatchSeason 8

Mitch who wants Manny back in rookie school, tries to convince the Chief that the regulations against contact lenses are out of date and unfair. The Chief decides to let Manny join rookie school again if Mitch decides to take the job as the new Captain.
When Lani, April and Skylar are out swimming in the water, a crazy jet skier starts driving around them. The tether of April’s rescue can tangles on the jet ski intake and April is dragged through the water struggling for breath. When the jet skier suddenly stops, April knocks her head on the jet ski. The jet skier drives away and Lani and Skylar help April to shore. April doesn’t want anyone to find out about this, because that would make her look like a bad lifeguard, and Lani and Skylar promise to keep it a secret.
The next day, April feels dizzy and falls into the water while she is climbing the cargo net. Her foot is trapped in the net while her head is under water. Hobie has to rescue her. Later they see the jet skier again. Cody


First Aired On:
Sep 27th, 1997
Guest Stars
Erin Gray, Mark Auerbach, Sonia Satra
David Braff
Gregory J. Bonann


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