No Way Out

BaywatchSeason 8

Manny’s old homeboys come to the beach and confronts him about lifeguarding and his white girlfriend April, and Manny starts feeling ashamed of April. When Manny’s mother Teresa unexpectedly turns up on the beach to tell Manny how proud she is of his accomplishments, she meets April. But she doesn’t know that she is Manny’s boyfriend. When April realizes this, she gets sad.
When Taylor shows Teresa a picture of Manny and April taken at a barbecue, she realizes that April is Manny’s girlfriend. When Teresa meets Manny, she tells him not to confuse his life as a lifeguard with his old life in the barrio. This helps Manny a lot and he decides to give his relationship with April a chance.
April is upset because Manny didn’t tell his mother about them and she decides to go scuba diving with Craig. Once underwater Craig and April see a shark. They find refuge inside a pipe tunnel. Suddenly they are forcibly sucked through a power plant intake pipe at tremendous speed. They end up in a metal


First Aired On:
Jan 26th, 1998
Guest Stars
Julio Dolce Vita, Vikki Carr
Tanquil Lisa Collins
Gregory J. Bonann


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