Out of the Blue

BaywatchSeason 8

Manny and April are being trained to be better lifeguards by doing a victim hoisting training exercise. Lt. Taylor Walsh keeps on eye on them and make sure that everything goes according to plans. The helicopter lowers the hoisting bed and the victim, this time a dummy, is secured. Now they need to reattach the hoisting device and give a thumb up sign to the helicopter.
Everything seems to be working well but that’s just until unsure grips causes the bed to tip over. This causes the victim to fall into the water. April tells Taylor that it was her fault. Taylor says that it’s OK, because it was just an exercise. But still it could have been a real situation. As a small punishment for their failure, neither one of them are assigned any towers.
Since they have some time off, Manny helps April with her designs for her fashion class. He tells her that her designs remind people too much about Wisconsin. He agrees to help her make them look like the clothes people are wearing in California.


First Aired On:
Nov 03rd, 1997
Guest Stars
Marcia Strassman
David Braff
Parker Stevenson


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