BaywatchSeason 8

A couple of lifeguards play a game called Over-The-Line. It’s similar to baseball. J.D. claims that he used to be very good at it. But when he starts playing, it’s hard to imagine that he has ever played before because he is really bad. Later Ed Symes from Symes Medical Supplies Inc arrives to Baywatch to meet with Mitch. He bothers everyone with his attitude and instant flirting with the female lifeguards.
Mitch and Jordan are forced to rescue a struggling swimmer named Omar. They perform CPR and this brings him back to life. But it turns out that his condition is more serious than they thought, and he undergoes a series of spasms and other symptoms. They send him to the hospital where he will be tested. When J.D. arrives, he is excited about an upcoming photo shoot that will happen at his tower in the afternoon. Then he finds out that headquarters has been quarantined and no one can enter or leave headquarters from now on. It turns out that Omar may have carried a deadly disease.


First Aired On:
Apr 20th, 1998
Guest Stars
Jeff Altman
Kim Weiskoff
Douglas Schwartz


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