Crash (2)

BaywatchSeason 9

Mitch receives a phone call at home about the plane crash. Later, Craig finds out that it’s Cody and April’s flight. When the lifeguards arrive to the scene, Mitch is relieved when he finds Cody alive in the water. Meanwhile in the first-class compartment, Francine starts having contractions. If that’s not enough for April to handle, Hans freaks out and is convinced that he is going to die. April is forced to calm him down. Then disaster strikes as the first-class compartment sinks to the bottom of the ocean.
Meanwhile at the surface, the lifeguards are rescuing the passengers and bring them to safety. When the Coast Guard locates the first-class compartment, Craig dives down to survey the scene and determines how they can be helped out of the wreckage. Craig tells the others that they are alive but are running out of air. They will all be killed if they try to blow the door while there’s still air pressure inside. Meanwhile, Francine loses consciousness and has to be brought up to the


First Aired On:
Sep 28th, 1998
Guest Stars
Amber Van Lent, Bobby Edner, Jennifer Lynn Campbell, Karen Mistal, Sam Temeles, Sven-Ole Thorsen
David Braff
Gregory J. Bonann


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