BeastmasterSeason 1

Dar and Tao rescue a man named Akili, who is being chased by a group of savage Terron warriors. Only when they are safe does Dar learn that Akili himself is a Terron. Akili explains that he has been banished by his tribe because he fell in love with a member of King Zad’s harem. His punishment is to be hunted down and killed. Akili also tells Dar that he is going to return to the Terron camp to rescue his true love. Suspicious of Akili, Tao is dismayed when Dar and Akili decide to work together. Meanwhile, two tiger cubs named Sita and Raja are playing in a jungle clearing when Sita is captured by a group of hunters led by Ishmael. Raja runs off to find Ruh. Before Ishmael gets away with Sita, Ruh comes, makes eye contact with the hunter and recognizes him as one of the men who work for Baha , the legendary slaver. Years before, Ruh killed Baha’s son when he tried to capture him.
Later, Dar is attacked by the evil Spiderwitch who wraps him in a deadly cocoon-like web. Akili kills th


First Aired On:
Oct 16th, 1999
Guest Stars
Andrina Hammo, Carla Marie, Gerry Day, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Puven Pather, Simon Westaway
Steve Feke
Michael Offer


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