The Legend Continues

BeastmasterSeason 1

Lone warrior Dar senses the presence of his long-lost love Kyra, who has been kidnapped and enslaved by the brutal Terron warriors. Gathering up his two ferret friends, Kodo and Podo, he takes off to rescue her. Dar arrives at a Terron camp and finds prisoners, including Kyra. The prisoners are being pushed into a ring to be mauled to death by tigers. Tao is next, but when the tiger, Ruh, is released, he attacks the Terron guards instead of Tao. But Ruh is stopped by a Terron net. Dar attacks, but is outnumbered by the Terrons. Dar and Ruh make eye contact and a connection is made. Dar manages to release the ferocious beast and Ruh tears into the Terrons. The evil King Zad, leader of the Terrons, rounds up his troops and escapes with Kyra and the remaining prisoners, leaving Dar, Tao and Ruh behind. After seeing the connection Dar made with Ruh, Tao realizes that Dar is the BeastMaster, the last surviving male of the Sula tribe, who has the ability to communicate telepathically with


First Aired On:
Oct 09th, 1999
Guest Stars
Manu Bennett
Steve Feke
Michael Offer


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