Beautiful Little Devil Charlotte

BleachSeason 12

In the fire prison that Yamamoto’s zanpakuto created, Gin notices that Kira is pretty upset. Tosen asks him what is wrong, and if he misses Kira, because he used to be his captain. Gin states that he doesn’t, he’s just glad that Kira is doing well. At his fight, Kira manages to draw blood against his opponent, Avirama Redder, who proceeds to release his zanpakuto, Aguila. Meanwhile, Yumichika and his opponent, Charlotte Cuulhorne, the sadistic, erotic, strange, feminine arrancar, continue their fight, but eventually it turns out to be more of a “beauty contest” than an actual fight, because of the fact that the two spar for the sake of making the other look disgraced because of the other’s ugliness. Charlotte uses an array of attacks, summoned up by a ridiculously long name each time. When Yumichika manages to cut some of Charlotte’s hair off, that pushes him over the edge and releases his sword, “Reina de Rosas” which means “Queen of the Roses”. Now on equal strength with Yumichika, the two fight more seriously, until Charlotte traps Yumichika in a prison of black thorns, which will completely encase him and his reiatsu, cutting him off from the world. But since he is in a spot where no one will know, Yumichika reveals a secret attack of his zanpakuto he doesn’t want anyone to know about, and with it, he defeats Charlotte.


First Aired On:
Apr 28th, 2009
Masashi Sogo
Noriyuki Abe


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