Fierce Fighting Concludes? Towards a New Battle!

BleachSeason 12

Allon goes into a rage upon seeing the wound Yamamoto inflicted, and immediately regenerates it. He enlarges his right arm into a gigantic size and tries to punch Yamamoto, demolishing several buildings in the process. But Yamamoto blocks the attack easily, releases Ry?jin Jakka and cuts Allon in half. When it seems over, one half of Allon attacks once again and Yamamoto finishes him off by incinerating him. Mila Rose, Sun-Sun and Apache attack Yamamoto in unison but are burnt to crisp before the might of Ry?jin Jakka. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya continues his heated battle with Harribel. Harribel releases a torrent of energy from her weapon and reveals herself as Tercera Espada. Shunsui and Starrk watch the pair’s battle. Shunsui guesses Barragan must be the Primera Espada, but Starrk corrects him and reveals his “1” tattooed to the back of his left hand. The three most powerful Espada unleash pillars of energy, readying themselves to fight at top strength. Meanwhile Rukia, Renji and Sado dispatch the last of the Exequias and Rukia faces down Rudobone, the Exequias’ leader. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo that it is useless to resist but Ichigo swears to keep fighting for the sake of everyone. The episode ends with Ulquiorra firing a cero and Ichigo slamming his blade against it, fading to white.


First Aired On:
Jun 30th, 2009
Masashi Sogo
Noriyuki Abe


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