Hitsugaya Toushirou's Day Off!

BleachSeason 14

Captain Hitsugaya takes leave from the 13 Gotei Squads to visit Grandma Haru, a friend of his in the real world. Grandma Haru is a lonely old woman who can see spirits because of which people find her strange and do not go near her. Before seeing her, he plays soccer for Karin Kurosaki’s team and gets her involved in his visit. They both go to Grandma Haru’s house and meet the spirit of a child named Yosuke. Yosuke is in Whole form, Karin reminds Toshir? that if he’s left in the real world for too long, he will turn into a hollow. However, Toshir? hesitates from sending Yosuke to Soul Society after hearing that he and his parents died in an accident on the way to a skiing trip, and that he doesn’t wish to leave till he sees snow for the first time. Toshir? makes his mind up to keep an eye on Yosuke till it snows in Karakura town. Toshir? soon wonders why Yosuke is showing no signs of becoming a hollow, suddenly, Grandma Haru collapses after which Yosuke begins to transform. It is revealed that Grandma Haru had been controlling his transformation with her own reiatsu, when she weakened, he went out of control. While Toshir? attempts to slay the hollow, he hesitates after thinking of Yosuke. Grandma Haru, who is being held in the hollow’s hand restrains him with her riatsu giving Toshir? enough time to give the finishing blow. When the fight ends, Yosuke is shown again in his normal form laying on the grass with Toshir?, Karin and Grandma Haru by his side. It begins to snow in Karakura which allows Yosuke to leave happy. The episode is concluded with Toshir? seeing Karin off and Yuzu announcing a new arc starting next with the next episode.


First Aired On:
Apr 05th, 2011


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