The Shinigami Enter Battle! Seireitei Also Has a New Year Special!

BleachSeason 16

During the 17-month time skip, the Soul Reapers of the Soul Society celebrate the New Year told within 2 stories. The first deals with Izuru Kira organizing a special event given to him by Shuhei Hisagi. At first he is reluctant to participate, but changes his mind after Momo Hinamori’s interest in it. The event he comes up with is friendly kite flying which slowly turns into a fight between women & men and Squad 2 & 11. Kira attempts to stop the chaos fail and he falls into Squad 1’s barracks, angering Head Captain Yamamoto. The second deals with Rukia as she prepares for an upcoming ceremonial dance her sister had been in many years ago, but is unimpressed with her dancing abilities. Renji Abarai decides to help her out, but Rukia is unable to deiscern what he is trying to do to actually help and when Renji accidently spills ink on the ceremonial kimono, Rukia angrily tells him to leave. However, after Byakuya gives Rukia her sister’s kimono instead, she realizes that Renji was trying to make sure Rukia had some fun which would allow her to enjoy dancing instead of worrying about it. Rukia apologizes to Renji through a letter and he is able to come to the dance which turns out tio be a huge success.


First Aired On:
Jan 10th, 2012


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