The Witness

BonanzaSeason 14

An elderly business associate of Ben’s is killed after a man, posing as Candy, tries to rob her; the woman suffers a fatal heart attack, which – since it happens during the commission of a felony – is considered to be the same as if the assailant had pulled the trigger. The real Candy, who had been assaulted at a hotel by the same man, is held in connection with the old woman’s death.
A woman named Kate is the only one who can back up Candy’s alibi, but she has left town with her husband, who is the thief. Griff agrees to go after Kate and have her provide a statement. Only thing is, he discovers – as Ben and Joe do later – that she, too, has a past that, if revealed at trial, could do serious harm to Candy’s defense.
Meanwhile, Ben is unsure about the young defense attorney’s ability to defend Candy, particularly since the state’s attorney has a nearly spotless conviction record. But the budding lawyer is determined to play David to the prosecutor’s Goliath.


First Aired On:
Jan 02nd, 1973
Arthur Heinemann, Joel Murcott
Lewis Allen


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