Chapter Eight

Boston PublicSeason 1

Buttle encounters a beautiful college sophomore, Lisa, who shares his passion for Shakespeare. Intrigued by his knowledge of the bard, Lisa decides to sleep with Buttle and the two engage in an afternoon of earth-shattering sex.
Back at Winslow High, Senate learns that Juan Figgis’ mother has been convicted on drug charges and is going to jail. Determined to provide for his family, Juan ignores Senate’s pleas to finish his education and drops out of school to support them.
Meanwhile, Lipschultz collapses in class and is rushed to the hospital. A student, Kelly O’Toole, comes forward and confesses that she slipped ecstasy into his coffee as a joke. Harper decides to play hardball – he calls the cops, who take Kelly away in handcuffs, and then proceed to search the lockers.
Senate struggles to do the right thing concerning Juan and calls Social Services, who break up the family. Realizing that he did more damage than good, Senate begins a foundation to raise money to keep Figgis in schoo


First Aired On:
Dec 11th, 2000
Guest Stars
Debbi Morgan, Jody Wood, Mira Delaney, Ramel Vincent, Rick Gonzalez, Ronda Pierson, Sonia Iris Lozada, Stacy Hogue, Yasmine, Yvette Freeman, Zack Graham
David E. Kelley
David Semel


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