Chapter Nineteen

Boston PublicSeason 1

While heading to work, Lauren’s car breaks downs. She gets so frustrated with it that she starts jumping up and down on it and smashing the windows with a baseball bat. Suddenly, an old student of hers appears named Daniel Evans who thanks her for changing his life. He shows her a history text book he has written and she is very impressed. He asks her out for a drink, and she immediately says yes. After, they head to her place and have a night of passion. The next day she tells Marilyn, who finds it a little immoral. Lauren cannot get past how great the sex was. Lauren admits she finds it a total turn on when Daniel calls her Ms. Davis.
Marilyn is dealing with a boy named Jeremy who throws up after an anxiety attack related to his mom not being able to accept his mark of a B+. He goes to the nurse, where Marilyn notices a huge bruise on him. He says he got it playing basketball. When Jeremy’s mom shows up, she says he must of got it on his scooter. Marilyn suspects abuse.


First Aired On:
Apr 30th, 2001
Guest Stars
Billy Aaron Brown, Bonita Friedericy, Debbi Morgan, Erich Anderson, Jennifer Slabbinck, Jordan Tartakow, Morgan Kibby, R.F. Daley, Sarah Morris, Scott Vickaryous, Susan Allison, Will Hall
David E. Kelley, John J. Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart
Sheldon Larry


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