Empty Places

Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 7

Following Caleb’s attack, Xander is now blind in one eye. Buffy takes all the guilt and again encounters Caleb at the abandoned school. Faith presses her fun-loving nature on the potentials and takes them all to the Bronze, which leads to an argument between Faith and Buffy, culminating in forcing the potentials to choose between their two leaders, but because of Buffy’s recent decisions and behavior, they all side with Faith. Meanwhile, Spike and Andrew look into an abandoned mission and discover a plaque which reads: ‘It’s not for thee, It is only for her to wield’.


First Aired On:
Apr 29th, 2003
Guest Stars
David Grammer, Dorian Missick, Justin Shilton, Kristy Wu, Larry Clarke, Mary Wilcher, Nathan Brooks Burgess
Drew Z. Greenberg
James A. Contner


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