CSI: Miami - Bone Voyage (1)

CSI: NYSpecials

The First Episode of the triology:

In Miami, Lt. Horatio Caine overhears a woman whose daughter, Ashley Tanner, is missing. Her car is found in the Everglades where the team searches the trees and swamps until they find a severed arm and leg. They identify the arm as that of Ashley’s, but the leg is from an unidentified Jane Doe and is covered by radioactive sand, which is only found in Las Vegas. Soon, they get a lead when they discover that Ashley’s credit card had recently been used, and their trail leads them to another girl, Madeline Briggs, who says she found the card on the side of a highway. In the meantime, Horatio calls Dr. Ray Langston, who deduces that the severed leg belongs to his own investigation of a missing girl, Samantha Matthews. Ray travels to Miami, where he and Horatio join forces to discover who is responsible for killing the females. To their shock, they discover that both women were seduced by the promise of making a living through modeling and were exposed to prostitution. What is unexpected is the fact that the girls were killed by two different men: a professional “rock star” butcher and a model manager-turned-pimp who was associated with Ashley. As it turns out, a mysterious crime syndicate working outside Miami called the “Zetas” had been funding these men, which leads Ray and Horatio to believe that this case is much bigger than they imagined.


First Aired On:
Nov 09th, 2009
Guest Stars
Laurence Fishburne


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