CSI: NY - Hammer Down (2)

CSI: NYSpecials

The second part of the triology (S06E07)

In New York City an accident on an interstate highway involving a drunk driver and a big rig truck takes a turn for the worse when Det. Don Flack finds a metal drum in the cargo area of the truck with a dead woman’s body inside. Det. Mac Taylor finds a mobile dungeon in the sleeper compartment of the truck and discovers that another woman, Madeline Briggs (the woman missing from Miami), was in the sleeper when the accident occurred. Now both Casey (the truck driver) and Madeline have disappeared after the accident when Casey hijacks a driver. When Dr. Sid Hammerback examines the female victim in the metal drum, he notices an organ is missing. The team theorizes that the victim was kidnapped and dissected for her liver, which was sold on the black market. Dr. Ray Langston of the Las Vegas crime lab, having recently helped Horatio Caine arrest two killers in Miami, arrives in New York to help Mac and his team find Madeline and stop the Zetas’ human trafficking network. When urine found in the sleeper of the truck is examined, it is discovered that Madeline is pregnant. Mac and Ray speculate she is a forced surrogate and Casey might sell her into prostitution until she gives birth. The team tracks the suspect to a pharmacy, where they lose him in a chase but find soil samples in his car. A match is found with the soil samples found earlier, and Mac, Ray and the team head to the location. They do not find Madeline, but they do find Casey, and a gunfight ensues, ending with Casey’s arrest. Casey gives Mac and Ray little information. He admits that he gave Madeline to another trafficker, and she is revealed to be in the sleeper compartment of another big rig truck heading to Las Vegas.


First Aired On:
Nov 10th, 2009
Guest Stars
Laurence Fishburne


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