Beware Those Closest to You (Part 2)

DominionSeason 1

Michael and Alex prepare to unseat Gabriel and put an end to the war. Riesen and Arika are plotting something when a Helena delegation arrives – they have Evelyn’s head in a box. It is revealed that Uriel and Arika are having an affair and that Arika is actually Evelyn. Later, Claire and William marry. Michael confesses to Alex that he murdered humans, only stopping when Gabriel and Uriel beat him. This could be his redemption. Back at the Riesen compound, Claire meets Uriel, who confirms that Claire is pregnant with The Chosen One’s baby. Uriel’s plan is to take Claire to Helena, translate the markings on Alex’s body, use whatever knowledge she gains to defeat Michael and Gabriel, and end the fighting once and for all. Noma gets herself put in jail. Gabriel knows that it is a trap and shows up at the gates of Vega to surrender. The senate debates whether or not they should kill him or question him. Gabriel tells Claire that he is looking to end the war, that Michael was once violent, and he knows she’s pregnant. Michael and Alex arrive; she forbids them from talking to Gabriel, but they do anyway. William tells his father to prevent Gabriel’s execution, no matter what. Meanwhile, Alex learns he is going to be a father via Gabriel, who is weakened after being electrocuted. Michael arrives, and they talk about being twins and therefore able to hear each other’s thoughts. Gabriel convinces Michael to hate humans again. Some crooked guards help Gabriel escape. Claire tells Alex that he cannot be a father to the child, so she is going to raise the baby with William. Michael visits Becca’s lab, where he finds angels have been dissected and Louis has been dissected while alive. Becca arrives at the lab, and Michael is furious with her for dissecting angels. He then kills her and Louis. Alex then fights Michael, who realizes what he has done and flies away. Gabriel tells Alex that the only way to end the war is by them working together. Alex refuses and Gabriel threatens to burn the city down and kill Noma. Meanwhile, Claire and William discuss the baby. William says he’ll raise it as his own. Claire then realizes William is an acolyte for Gabriel. Gabriel meets with Uriel, who pledges her allegiance. David sets fire to the acolytes and drives William to the desert. He drops him off with a pack full of supplies and tells him that he can never return to Vega. Back in Vega, Claire reads a letter from Alex, written to the baby, as Alex climbs the rocks to Gabriel’s temple.


First Aired On:
Aug 14th, 2014


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