DynastySeason 7

An incensed Blake discovers the morning headlines, which accuse him of murder and arson. He rushes to the Denver Mirror only to find Alexis as the new publisher. She presents him with an ultimatum: leave Denver or face relentless persecution from her paper. Michael Culhane, the Carrington’s blackmailing chauffeur from the past, persuades a reluctant Blake to reacquire his services. Steven offers Adam his hand in friendship to work together for their father, but Adam’s true loyalties lie with Alexis and Colbyco. An unsuspecting Blake is stalked by Phil Thorpe. Sammy Jo and Clay Fallmont’s romance strengthens. Alexis buys up enough stock to control Denver-Carrington, forcing Blake to relinquish his office, but not his determination to regain his company. Phil Thorpe exacts his revenge by forcing Blake’s limousine off the road. From the mangled wreckage, Blake is able to drag himself free and unharmed, only to find Krystle, bloodied and unconscious.


First Aired On:
Oct 01st, 1986
Edward de Blasio
Gwen Arner, Laurence Heath


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